Kathy Scourby – October 8, 2009

Day 4 – 63 miles.
Today was an “easier” day for the riders – if there is such a thing as an easy ride!  We got to sleep in and did not leave till about 10 this morning.  We had a warmer day to ride with the sun coming out strong after lunch.  As we left Manchester this morning and headed out of town on the main road, many of the businesses in town had put signs in front of their businesses supporting Adoption which said “Every child deserves a forever family”.  Many of the local folks from the town were on the side of the road cheering us on.  Very cool.  Manchester was a great town!!
Today was a day about riding as a team again as we are all tired, sore and need help from each other to get through the long miles. The “no man left behind” team was back today as we had some good pace lines going down the roads.  At one point this afternoon, I counted 25 of us in a pace line which worked well because most of the roads we were on were flat. That also helped our THP officers as it was easier for them to protect us from the traffic if there were lots of us together than if we were all spread out over several miles.  It also gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better while we were riding.  I continue to marvel at how this group of riders has bonded together so well during the week.  We are all working together for a cause and we are all dedicated riders so we have a lot in common, but many of us were strangers to each other only 3 days ago and we are now best of friends…amazing. 
It is impossible to imagine how we would all survive without our support crew.  Besides being there at the rest stops to help us with our bikes, filling water bottles, providing bandaids, power bars and advil, they are also out on the roads in the support vehicles, waving and cheering us on and at every hotel handing us our room keys and making sure our bags are waiting for us in our rooms.  What a wonderful, wonderful group of people!!
Our lunch today was in the town of Bell Buckle, a wonderful little town of only a few hundred people.  They put on a great lunch and celebration for us!   Bell Buckle and the surrounding area that we rode through is right in the heart of horse country – Tennessee Walking Horse farms were everywhere.  Beautiful farms and ranches, lots of rolling green hills, people working in their yards on the back roads and waving to us as we rode by…all of this filled my head as we covered the miles.  We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather and scenery today!!
We had an early dinner tonight and socialized since it is the last night we will all be together.  We heard that we are now up to 82 families who are interested in adopting based on all of us spreading the word.  We are very close to our goal of 100.
Tomorrow is an early morning start as we head into Nashville and our final celebration in downtown Nashville tomorrow afternoon.  They are calling for rain and thunderstorms off and on all day, so we are prepared to get wet.


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